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Well, hello world. I am in the process of making a blog for an English project, as probably shown by the blog title “myemmaproject”; yes, I am very clever at coming up with names. I am completely new to the world of blogging. Much like the book in which I am doing my project on, Jane Austen’s Emma, I am probably thinking that I will be better at this than I actually am. But, what a better way to start my blog than beautiful pictures?

First a quick explanation…
The novel Emma features the main character, Emma Woodhouse, as the creator of new beginnings; although, as she is single and against the concept of marriage, she is an unlikely matchmaker. The “new beginnings” concept throughout the story gives it a fresh spring-time feel. The rich, yet sometimes modest/sometimes immodest character, character Emma experienced both the beauty of nature and of a lavish life.
The following images are some of the many which I associated with the novel, as well as things that the author, Jane Austen, experienced outside of her home.


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